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Paint Testing Equipment

Paint Testing Equipment is intended for quick and accurate surface color measurements. To protect all types of structures from the severe impacts of the sun and water, paint testing is essential. Nature may be harsh at times and can cause significant damage to your property. Super Aesthetics enhances beauty and impact.

Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment is designed for testing different issues. If any defects are found, they can be traced and corrected using this equipment. Typically, all electrical and electronic circuits are checked and troubleshot to discover any flaws or odd behavior. This is very simple to use and provides accurate results too.


Hardness Tester

A hardness Tester is appropriate for conducting hardness tests on tablet pharmaceuticals in big and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, schools, drug inspection departments, and other units. The test and calibration date and time can be presented in the result list using the real-time calendar clock feature.


Coating Thickness Gauge

The coating Thickness Gauge is an incredibly essential instrument in the coatings industry's quality control process since it assures that the dry film thickness is accurate and uniform over the product's surface. Steel, paint, enamel, plastic, plating on the surface of aluminum and copper are common application situations. 

Precision Balance

Precision Balance is a very precise instrument used to weigh an object within mili grams. This is available in a variety of capacities ranging from a few hundred grams to kilo grammes. This is very easy to use and safe to operate. This provides great and accurate results. 

Surface Roughness Tester

A surface Roughness Tester is significant because the surface dynamics of a product impact its usage as well as characteristics such as durability. This tool measures the surface properties of the created item and compares them to a necessary ideal throughout the production process. It is used in almost all production processes.


Moisture Testing Instruments

Moisture Testing Instruments can measure the moisture content of anything from the air to construction and building materials to biomass and agricultural goods to solid waste and everything in between. It matters whether moisture is measured with or without touch in various applications. This is safe to use. 

PH Meter

PH Meter is essentially a high-impedance amplifier that precisely measures minute electrode voltages and shows the findings in pH units on an analog or digital display. This is a piece of scientific equipment used to detect the concentration of hydrogen ions in a water-based solution.

NDT Equipment

NDT Equipment can be utilised after a component or material is manufactured for quality control purposes, and it is often employed at various stages during the life cycle of a part or material. It is used to identify certain properties of materials without causing damage to those materials during the testing procedure. 

Weathering Test Equipment

Weathering Test Equipment is used to forecast the relative durability of materials exposed to the elements. We have a quality-testing team that inspects the equipment for numerous features and performance criteria to guarantee that the wear ability test machines run and operate at their best. 

Holiday Detectors And Allied Instruments

Holiday Detectors And Allied Instruments are very easy to use. The identification of holidays is an important step in detecting these regions with thin or absent covering. The testing is often done on tank interiors, chemical storage tanks, and subterranean structures.


Test Chambers

Test Chambers can be constructed and configured to push a product's boundaries by utilizing physical forces such as inertia, vibration, and destructive impact. The designs of these chambers vary based on the sorts of tests they perform, which might be very intricate or incredibly basic.